John Buster, Cambridge Analytic Couch founder, has been a furniture designer for over 35 years. He has handcrafted beds full-time since 1976 and began making analytic couches in 1978.

Buster grew up around trees. He spent his youth surrounded by lemon and orange trees on a citrus grove in Southern California. At Stanford University, Buster majored in Humanities and History, with a specialization in Ancient History. He then went on to study law and civil rights at University of Wisconsin Law School. Afterwards, Buster served as a civil rights trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice.

In his twenties, Buster worked in Italy and Germany and studied art and design on his own. After leaving law, he traveled for three years in Argentina and Brazil and exported alpaca weavings from Bolivia and Peru. He found designing handicrafts to be a win/win and much more satisfying than practicing law.

Three-and-a-half decades later, Buster still enjoys furniture design, travel, foreign languages, geography and geology, reading, politics and doubles tennis as passions.

Like Mies van der Rohe, Buster believes "less is more". In a world he sees filled with passing fashions and constant consumerism, he prefers to focus on basics like permanence, value, functionality and simplicity in his designs.