Bolsters and Pillows

Sofa Backrest Bolsters turn our Miró and Monet daybeds into comfortable couches for guests or clients. Sofa Backrest Bolsters measure 39"W x 15"H x 8"D. Two Sofa Back Bolsters fit perfectly on our 80"L Daybeds and Analytic Couches.

Our Analyst Pillow converts our flat daybed designs into an Analytic Couch. Our Analyst Pillow is 20"W x 20"D x 6"H.

Bolsters and Pillows arrive in your choice of 19 Sussex microsuedes.

Pair of Sussex Sofa Backrest Bolsters, 495.
Sussex Analyst Angle Pillow, 295.
Five Sussex 24 x 24" sq. throw pillows, 295.
Matching Sussex couch foot protector, 175.

Create a comfortable sofa for associates and visitors:
Pair of Leather Sofa Backrest Bolsters, 845.
Leather Analyst Angle Pillow, 450.
Matching leather couch foot protector, 345.

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