For delivery and installation of our analytic couches, we offer [and recommend] "White Glove Delivery". This type of delivery is done by professional furniture transport companies. They specialize in long-distance moving and installation of individual pieces of high-end furniture. They have excellent references and decades of experience. They dispatch from several company warehouses on both coasts and more regional warehouses in-between. Their trucks criss-cross the country weekly. Unlike common carriers, they pick up, deliver and install only individual pieces of furniture. They deliver almost everywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada.

When "White Glove" furniture movers deliver to your office, they regularly send a short [25 ft.] straight truck that can navigate narrow residential streets. Each delivery truck carries at least two men, a driver and an assistant. This two-man team carefully carries the furniture you ordered upstairs, unwraps and sets it up, exactly where you wish.

The other alternative, "common carrier" freight lines, specialize in delivering more rugged commercial goods to business addresses. These businesses usually have loading docks and pallet jacks. To be shipped, goods must be securely cartoned, banded and palletized. The common carrier's tractor / trailer comes with only one person, the driver. The common carrier requires the driver to remain with the truck. The driver may not carry any shipment beyond the truck's tailgate. Traffic laws prohibit the driver from entering many streets and residential areas. A common carrier tractor/trailer measures about 50 ft. long. It cannot easily pick up, drop off or turn around in narrow streets.