Multi-Angle™ Advantages: It's the Geometry

In 2008, John Buster, our founder, noticed that analytic couch design seemed to have hit the wall and stagnated.  The analytic couches he found everywhere dictated "one neck angle fits all". He wondered, "Could new analytic couches be designed to give analysts and analysands more comfort and functionality? Could analytic couches be made more attractive, flexible, and user-friendly?"

Now you can see his answers to those questions.

So, why choose a Multi-Angle™ Analytic Couch?

Our Multi-Angle™ invention [patent pending] enables your new analytic couch to be hyper-functional and more practical. Mornings, it is a sleek analytic couch with an inclined headrest. Afternoons or evenings for you [or an associate], it instantly becomes a standard couch with room to seat three people. Perfect for meetings or for individual, couple, family or group therapy. Or at anytime, your Multi-Angle™ Analytic Couch instantly converts into a flat daybed to allow a refreshing nap between clients. 

In an era of constant professional change, many analysts tell us this flexibility has immense value to them. With just a flick of the wrist, our Multi-Angle™ Analytic Couches adjust in 8 steps...from perfectly flat to 45˚ inclined. You can set the headrest at 0°, 8°, 16°, 20°, 24°, 32°, 42° & 45°.

These capabilities make our Multi-Angle™ Analytic Couches unique. Even if you plan to use yours solely as an analytic couch, its "Multi-Angle" adjustment retains value. Analysands with different back problems, neck injuries, stress conditions or even different thickness pillows may require different headrest angles, for their comfort and safety. Now everyone can have the headrest angle that works [and feels] best.

Our Multi-Angle™ Analytic Couches depend on precise geometry for their angles and flexibility. To give credit where credit is due, we named them after three ancient Greek masters who helped us, by discovering the amazing rules of geometry nearly 2500 years ago...
Euclid, Zeno and Archimedes.